SwainWoodham provides investment solutions for clients that are ‘evidenced based’ and supported by over 70 years of academic research and data.  We build portfolios that hold a range of different asset classes, that are globally diversified, tax efficient and low cost.

We outsource the construction of our model portfolios to Consilium,, who provide investment research, model portfolio construction and review.

We offer a range of both ‘Classic’ portfolios that invest globally and aim to maximise the available return for different levels of risk.  We also offer Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, that provide a balance between maximising the available return, whilst investing according to your values.

To safeguard your investments, all assets are held by an independent custodian. This will provide independent reporting of portfolio performance, asset values and all fees. You will also have access to an online portal, providing 24-hour access to view your investments.

SwainWoodham investment advisers operate on a ‘fee only’ basis, which mean that we are paid by our clients, rather than any investment provider. This means we recommend the most appropriate solution, always putting you first.

We offer all new prospective clients a free initial no obligation consultation.

If at the end of the consultation you wish to engage SwainWoodham to provide financial planning or investment advice, we will provide you with a scope of services and details of the fees that will payable.

The initial fees will vary depending on the time and complexity of the work involved but will typically be in the range of $750 to $1,500 (plus GST) for the initial financial plan.

If after the initial engagement, you decide to enter an ongoing relationship with us we charge an advice fee based on the funds under management.

This starts at 1% p.a. but reduces for larger portfolios. We can also work on a fixed fee basis if you prefer.

We do not receive any commission or brokerage. If any commission, brokerage or rebates do become payable these will be rebated in full to your cash account.

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