Grow your wealth, secure your retirement.

We work with you to identify and quantify your investment objectives, determine your risk profile and then recommend an investment strategy to suit your individual needs and objectives.

We help you identify the key retirement parameters such as when you want to retire, how much income you will need and your overall risk profile. We will then prepare forward looking projections to assess the viability of the proposed objectives based on your current financial position and provide recommendations strategies to help bridge any shortfall.

Our KiwiSaver service includes identifying and quantifying your investment objectives, determining your risk profile and then recommending a suitable KiwiSaver provider and investment strategy to suit your needs and objectives.


Great financial planning unlocks the potential of your investment journey and gives you confidence that you’re making the best decisions for you and your family.

Financial planning is a process that helps you build a roadmap for your financial journey to achieve your personal and financial goals.

It involves taking stock of your current financial situation, clarifying your future objectives, then creating a financial plan to achieve them.

People who create financial plans are better able to reach their life objectives, make major purchases, provide for children’s education, retire comfortably and handle emergencies. Financial planning reveals reality, imposes discipline and exposes people to potentially helpful strategies they may not have considered.

Key Benefits of Financial Planning:

  • Helping you determine how much you need to retire comfortably, what you are currently on target to achieve and how you can deploy your resources to maximise the possible of achieving your goals

  • Creation of an overall investment strategy that is aligned to your goals, risk profile and individual preferences

  • Identification and management of key risks

  • Helps you retain a longer term perspective, creating a source of motivation and commitment

  • Improved financial wellbeing and peace of mind knowing that you are on track


When you work with us, you will be taken through our Investment Planning Process.

To ensure you receive the best solution for your individual situation, both now and as your situation changes in the future, we will go through the following steps:

Step 1 – Agree the nature and scope of the advice and collect necessary information.

Step 2 – Analyse your situation, and conduct research on the best options for you.

Step 3 – Prepare and present our recommendation in a Statement of Advice

Step 4 – Implement your plan as agreed by you.

Step 5 – Review your plan annually or when your circumstances change.

Once you have completed a SwainWoodham Group process to identify your needs and objectives, your financial adviser will design a portfolio to meet them. 

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